Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Climate Change is a Universal Sign

by Yeb Sano

If we can't follow universal signs such as a red light, and we need a written poster to tell us what it means, then we better cross our fingers tight and pray hard. Climate change is a universal sign and if we fail to realize its meaning, we're in for a very rough, if not catastrophic, journey ahead.

Global climatic changes have manifested itself in a broad range of  further changes in regional, national, and very local climates. Robert Frost once wrote, "the world will either end in fire or ice, but either will suffice." Indeed, climate change makes itself felt in different ways, but it doesn't really matter. Things are changing fast. And the signals are clear.

We Filipinos need to be able to read the signals well. It is as clear as day. If we fail to realize the enormous consequences of climate change, we are in for a nasty ride. It is time we stop and think about it. It is rather a very conspicuous, garish, lurid, big, fat red light.

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