Friday, December 23, 2011

Sendong: Is it climate change? It's complicated.

In the past three days, many people, many from the media, have called, texted, emailed, or in person asked me whether the tragedy caused by Sendong can be attributed to climate change. This is a very sensible question and one that deserves a thorough answer. 

We are against one real cruel enemy - that is climate change

Joint Informal Stocktaking Plenary

Delivered by Commissioner Yeb Sano
2:00 a.m., 11 December 2011
Durban, South Africa

Thank you Madam President.

I have here in my hand hard copies of the Convention and the KP as printed in 1998. I have used them for 13 years and I hold them dearly. I am afraid these booklets are in danger of being relegated as relics of a lost era.

In the past week, we were also witnesses to the thousands of people who wore “I love KP shirts.” I’m afraid these I love KP shirts are in danger of becoming mere souvenirs of a lost era – an era that is at risk of losing our existing legally-binding rules-based regime that aims to avert the most serious threat to humanity.